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Our Mission
At Nature's Pantry our mission is to help our communities find and maintain vibrant health through the best nutrition, supplementation, service, education, and healthy living choices. Our team is made up of people who really care about the health and wellness of our community. We want to listen to your nutritional needs, we want to be there for you, we want to help you find natural and effective solutions, and we want to support you as you make positive life-changes. With focused training and experience in natural foods and supplementation, our team is equipped to handle your questions and provide you with outstanding service.

Our Core Strengths
Everything we do is based on our mission and our core strength. We strive to make a positive impact in our local communities by believing in and behaving in line with the following core strengths.

  • Nutrition is vital to health, and this is why we strive to carry products that are in line with the best nutrition possible.
  • Supplementation is important in today's imperfect world with imperfect nutrition.
  • Serviceis the cornerstone to our business. We believe in serving one another, our customer, our community, our vendors, and everyone our store and our lives come in contact to the absolute best of our abilities.
  • Education is paramount to the health of our community and so we strive to educate our team, our customers, our community about proper nutrition, supplementation, fitness, and mental and spiritual health through any and every means possible.
  • Healthy Living embodies everything from nutrition and exercise, to spiritual and mental health. We encourage our team, our customers, and our community in all facets of healthy living.

Our History

Nature's Pantry was founded in 1986 by Dennis and Linda Clayville. Having learned the importance of good nutrition, they became convicted to share this knowledge in their community. After much thought, research, and prayer, they decided to leave the lucrative retirement residence business they owned and open a health food store. Linda, whose passion and energy lead the business venture, earned her Master's in Nutrition and became a Certified Nutritionist. Often referred to as “Dr. Linda” by customers, she has made it her life's mission to minister to the nutrition needs of her community.

Nature's Pantry has grown steadily for more than three decades and has expanded three times. The store currently occupies 7500 sq. ft. and includes organic produce, grocery, bulk foods, bulk herbs and spices, teas, health and beauty, supplements, and a juice bar. Nature's Pantry is the largest health food store in eastern Oregon.